Should I buy a Breezer? (Newbie!)

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by supercooperblah, Jun 16, 2014.

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    Dear members,

    When I got my drivers licence, my bike has been rotting in my garage ever since. In the last few weeks, I've started cycling again which reminded me how much I loved it in the first place. However, my current bike has a 16-17" frame which is way too small for me, as I am 6 feet tall.

    So I was looking at some new bikes with a little help from my friends, and the conclusion was that I'll buy a 19" frame 29" wheels hardtail MTB, and my price range is quite limited (I'm still on college).

    Most of them have suggested Trek, Kona, Specialized and Fuji bikes up to $700, but the one that caught my eye is a Breezer Storm 29. In my country, it retails for $1000, which is way over my budget, but there is a special sales event where they are available for $650 if you pay cash. Here are the specs

    Most of my bike loving friends have said that the price is okay, since most bikes from established brands have exactly the same components, but that they would never buy one because it is such an obscure brand. Still, the retailer is offering 5-year warranty and free servicing costs for $50 added to the price.

    Breezers are very rare in Europe (specially Serbia) and I've never heard of them, but my friend from the States says that I should buy it because it's a legendary name and the bike has really good handling, something that I might enjoy.

    Should I buy it? I really like the fact that it's so rare, but it also scares me a bit. Are Breezers good bikes? And what is so special about them?

    Thank you for your help!

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    Breezer a legendary name? Not in my book! But I'm weird, I can't imagine placing him up against the likes of...crap there's too many to name!!!'

    Why a Breezer? do you have back issues? Breezer's have an awkward seating style that I just don't like, but someone with a bad back might, this is a style that Mr Breezer copied from old vintage Dutch bikes. You hands are resting on the bars that are higher than your seat, and their heavy. But if your mind is set on one of those then by all means get what you want not what some dope on a cycling forum is telling you!! But I would think that since you live in the UK I think and you want something unusual then why not a Pashley? these bikes have that vintage look of an era gone by and are handmade in the UK. Just a thought, like I said if you want the Breezer than get it.

    Some of the other bikes you mentioned like the (Felt not mentioned but worth considering) Kona, especially are very good bikes that give you more for less than a Trek or other famous name bikes where you have to pay a chunk of change for the marketing expenses those companies have.