Should I Replace My Tires?


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Jun 13, 2015
A few months ago I picked up a 1989 Trek 1200 at a pawn shop for less than $100, in completely stock condition. It had almost no rust at all, and it had vines in the wheels. My guess is that somebody bought it in 1989, rode it for a week or two then put it in their garage. I'm not exactly made of money, so I haven't been able to do much on it. I obviously cleaned it up and tuned it, but other than that I've only been able to replace the 26 year-old bar tape and the brake pads that had turned to hockey pucks. I've been riding the bike a decent amount and until now have only had to replace 2 tubes.
Anyway, yesterday I was riding a trail and on one of the fastest parts of the trail somebody had shattered several beer bottles, and I didn't have time to stop before hitting the glass. Surprisingly, I only blew my front tire. I always try to keep 2 spare tubes on my bike, so I was able to replace it. I then rode home with 50psi in the front and 120 in the rear. When I got home, I cleaned my bike, and filled up the front tire to 120psi like the rear. A few minutes ago, I went outside to ride to the bike mart to get a few more tubes and the tire was flat again! I did bend the thing on the valve yesterday a little, but that shouldn't make a difference. I do have protector liner things in the tires. The stock Continental Ultra Sports are 26 years old, and I'm wondering if I should just replace them. They don't really have very much tread wear at all.
You're doing it wrong.

Kevlar is your friend.

Im lucky if i get two seasons and 8K miles out of a set of rubber.

You have to be smarter than the tire
I had the sidewall blow out of a 15yo front tire on a bike just hanging in the garage.
About 4 hours earlier, I had been descending at 45 mph on a busy highway with that bike.
There is probably a small piece of glass still lodged in the tire and it punctured the new tube. I personally would probably buy new tires but I dont think those will assplode. If you want to be safe and certain replace them. If not then get a cotton ball and rub it around inside the tire with the flat. If something is poking the tube the cotton will hang on it and you can remove it.
I Agree that you probably have a piece of glass still in the tire. Try running your finger along the inside to feel for it. Even invert the tire if necessary. That aside, replace the tires.
That shattered glass is really a bummer for bikers. There are some streets here in our village where you normally see those broken bottles or glasses on in the middle of the road. It's a good thing that we have a streetsweeper here so that is cleaned from time to time. And we discovered that those shattered shards of glass were caused by some people with no conscience. They would drink to their heart's delight and when they get drunk, they would toss the bottle or glass to the sky. Expect a bomb when it falls down.
I really think that you should replace those 26 year-old tires. There are lots of high quality and affordable choices out there. And, some of the new tires have Kevlar on them that make them somewhat resistant to punctures from those pesky broken glass on the road. I really hate those broken pieces of glass... When you're riding fast it's tough to avoid them, especially when they're all scattered and covering almost the entire road. When you see them, boom! It's too late and you get a punctured tire.
26-years old and still faithful and that must be some kinda record of sorts. ;) Perhaps, you can sell them in an antiquity shop to become an overnight millionaire. (no offense, just kidding).