Should i use halfords when looking for a good bicycle?


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Mar 7, 2016
I have looked at many websites and people always say to avoid Halfords. Is it due to their own brand products or their customer service as they do offer a free build and checkup after (i think it was) 6 weeks?
8 years ago, I bought a Carrera road bike from Halfords. On my first descent, the front brake callipers fell apart. I soon sold the bike and didn't ride again until 2013. Because of this (one off) experience, I wouldn't buy a bike of them.
However, the Boardman bikes are supposed to be quite good.
I would not. You can't trust how well the bike was assembled, and the bikes themselves are just generally very low quality. If you are looking to buy a bike on a lower budget check local sources for a used name brand bike. A 5 year old Trek/Cannondale/Specialized/Felt is a much better buy.
I'd go to a place that specializes and is passionate in bikes. When you trust a company that simply wants to get the most money possible (because they're so big) then the quality tends to go down. Try find a local small seller which will actually put a real passion in to your bike.