Shrimp Chowder

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    I just made this the other night. My family loved it, and it
    was a really, really easy recipe.

    Shrimp Chowder

    1 Bunch of Green Onions 1-2 lbs of shrimp (you can also
    add other seafoods such as crab/crawfish) 1 8 oz philly
    cream chees
    1/2 stick of butter 2 cans cream of potato soup 1 can cream
    of mushroom soup small carton of half/half

    Saute onions and shrimp in butter until shrimp is cooked.
    Add cream cheese until melted. Then add soups and corn.
    Lower heat,look cook for twenty mintues. Turn off heat and
    add half/half. Stir and serve.

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