Sidi Drako's Hurt My Big Toes...


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Mar 10, 2015
I recently purchased a pair of SIDI Drako MTB's for indoor cycle. The shoe is amazing, however unfortunately being out of the saddle a lot in the class puts both my big toes in excruciating pain. It's annoying because they are very comfortable and when standing up my toe doesn't touch the front and I also have wiggle room. I am guessing however that this does mean they are too small.
I am officially a US13 but take my running shoes at a US12, my SIDI's are a Euro 46 which is a US11 according to the size chart below. My question to everyone is, should I go a 46.5, OR a full size up and go to 47? Unfortunately no stores stock full ranges so I really need to purchases online... any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I use Sidis and think they are great shoes unfortunately they are generally run narrow. You might try some different inserts that might possibly be thinner and give you more wiggle room.
US sizing is not very consistent, and the measuring device is just a guide. Brand, Arch placement, toe box shape and other factors may influence size a bit. So in running shoes I am a 9.5 to 10.5.

Same with cycling shoes. In Sidi shoes I am a 45, pearl Izumi I wear a 44.5, in Mavic, shimano and specialized I wear a 44.

If you are a U.S. 12 to 13, you should be looking at 47 to 48.
It its not too short, it's prob too narrow for you. Can you feel where the pressure is on your foot that is causing the pain? Usually a half size up is enough to solve this kind of problem since the shoe is not so tight as to cause discomfort right away.
My size can vary from shoe brand to shoe brand. It's either US 12 or 13. But my feet are always EEE width. I have to buy W shoes.

My current shoes are size 48 European. And wide width.

I think Sidi has a couple of models in wide widths.
Sometimes a more supportive insole can more firmly hold the foot in place, keeping it from sliding forward. It can also limit the foot flattening out as you put pressure on it.

I'm not a fan of stock insoles, especially Sidi's. I recommend you look at some insoles by Giro, Specialized, Superfeet, and Spenco to see if they can improve your fit.
Your shoes are too small. For sure.

I wear size 13D shoes or sometimes 12.5D (Alden)

Sidi 6.6 Mega in 48 is a touch big until my feet swell a bit on longer rides. No Mega in Drako....why I went with the Sidi racing shoe....I hacked the sole up to mount my Frog cleats.

Giro 47 and 48 are just too narrow.