Sidi Energy shoes - World Champ Rainbow colours

You chose the best. Just look at the bright side, you will have to train. No excuses with that kind of gear! :p
I just got some of these and I feel like a new man

I feel like I wasted the first 18 years of my cycling life because I didn't have white shoes -- as if I've been born again!!

I had my "pre-white shoe (dark) days", now the "white shoe days"...

no, I'm bloody serious ;)
needs more liberal use of the world champ colours

i have a pair of the bright blue genius 4's. they look sensational
Just got a new pair of Sidi Ergo 1's to replace my 20 year old pair. Thought they were going to be silver. They have a pinkish - bluish iridescent look. It sure did help with the chicks;). Yours look like they should do the same for you. Oh:eek: they should last too. Better learn to ride far and well. Thats so you can keep up with the hotties that like your shoes.
By the way, they're really good shoes, but -- and I seem to be completely alone in this -- I think there might be some slight movement at the front of the sole inserts when I pull up hard.
Those are pretty cool indeed. I'm still waiting for the gold SIDI's that Paolo Bettini wears. ;)