Sidi Energy shoes



8) has anyone used the Energy's from Sidi?, it seems to me like a very serious brand and they look Pro, and are expensy. Need a little feedback before opening my wallet.
Those buckles may take some time to adjust. Advise from previous users, please!
I love sidi shoes - they are so COMFY - but I've never been able to spend that much on mtn shoes that would probably only last me one season.

everyone who has them swears by them and says the price is so worth it!
I would love a pair of Sidi's, but they are way above what I would want (and can afford) to pay for shoes. I've played around with those fastners while visiting the bike shop. Great shoe, great design and fits around the foot like a dream.
I wear, and love, sidi shoes. mine are the genius model. they're 2 years old with about 10,000+ miles on them, and they are in great condition. among the people I ride with, they're the most widely worn shoe. I don't know anyone who wears the energy model, so I can't comment about the small twisty buckles on the front or whether the stiffness device on the bottom really works.

one word of advice...use glue or loctite on all the screws/bolts on the sole. I lost a couple of cleat bolts and a heel pad the first time I wore them. LBS gave me replacements, and I glued them in and everything has been fine since.

when looking at pictures of the european peloton, it seems obvious to me that the genius is the worn by many more riders than is the energy.
Hi<br /><br />I ride with Sidi Energys -- they are virtually the only production road shoe that fits my narrow feet; this is largely due to the buckle system (and my trusty SuperFeet), which works very well -- it's easy to use (even while racing), distributes pressure well across the top of the foot (no pinching or bunching), and the buckles are replaceable. I dinged mine in a crash and simply unscrewed it and installed the new one. I didn't pay full price -- often sells them for about the same price as you'd pay for Genius 4s.<br /><br />KS