Sidi Genius 6.6 Full Carbon Sole


Rik O'Shea

I suppose this post may apply to all carbon soled cycling shoes but
since I bought a pair of Sidis as a Xmas present to myself I thought
I'd let people know my experience.

I've alway worn Sidi and have been a huge fan of them over the years
so when I paid £££ for the latest full carbon soled 6.6 my
expectations were suitably raised especially since
gave them the thumbs up. Maybe I should have been a bit more sceptical
especially with statements like "According to Sidi, the Genius 6.6
sole is stiff in the directions it needs to be, but compliant in
others, much in the same way as modern carbon frames."

When I put them on the fit was fantastic however when I started
cycling I can only describe the experience as akin to having what felt
like 2 inch planks of wood strapped to my feet. Sure there was a very
positive feeling of power transfer to the pedals with the carbon sole
especially when sprinting but that distinct lack of flex (at the back
end of the shoe) and comfort began to get to me. I decided to give it
a full 14 days trial; cycling every second day just to see whether my
perceptions would change. However it only took some thoughts of
possible tendonitus and a one day spin using the old Sidi Genius 5
with the standard resin sole to convince me that these expensive full
carbon soled shoes are not what they're crackup to be...

John Forrest Tomlinson

I've used simple Sidi shoes and would not have expected those problems
- thanks for the heads up.