SIDI Oversocks-'a la David Millar'

Andrew Larigo

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Feb 5, 2003
Does anybody know where I can purchase the Sidi oversocks as worn by the Pros during not too cold, but not warm enough for overshoes weather??

They are white with a Black heel & toe and ride mid calf height.

I cannot find a dealer anywhere. Are they Pro issue only??

I'm in UK, but with the power of e-mail & web can buy from anywhere.

Thanks if anybody has any advice.
(If you need a pic to check the product ID, go to Click latest news link & Trofeo Luis Puig link at foot of page. At right is picture of Dave with said footwear.)

Thanks again
It looks to me that Millar's got an extra pair of SiDI 'Vortex' socks over his shoes. Wearing a pair of socks over the top of the shoes is an old trick for when it's mild but not cold enough for full-on overshoes.

You can get 'Vortex' socks from most SiDI stockists. A while back SiDI did a 'trainer' sock which was pretty good as an overshoe. Alan Lloyd might still have some. Just cut a slit in the sole for the cleat to go through.
I've sent lots of e-mails to the European distributors and the lady from France tells me they are Pro Issue only!!
Pretty ridiculous if they are...

I even e-mailed David Millar to ask him, but he doesn't know so have asked if he can get me some. 'On Verra'

I'll check with your suggestion though. Who is Alan Lloyd?? Do you have any contact details??


Alan Lloyd used to be UK distributor of SiDI. His number is 0121 520 6233. He had some trainer socks last time I saw his ad in Cycling Weekly. I doubt if SiDI would go to the bother of supplying a pro-only overshoe. Things like overshoes, socks, caps, shoe inserts, T-shirts etc. are bought in from other companies. To have something made means they'd have to order thousands. Very costly. The reason they supply Millar is to advertise their product. Why would they supply something they don't sell?

Why not e-mail SiDI? It's [email protected].

If the UK distributor hasn't ordered any for the season, then there'll be none in the UK. Same with other countries. If SiDI hasn't put them in the catalog yet, then it'll be next season (Feb 2004) before you see them in the shops.

Cheers matey for the response. Indeed you are correct. Millar does have a pair of Sidi Vortex socks over his shoes. I've just found them at (Geoffery Butler-London UK)

Now what is real bizarre. The French distributor tells me they are Pro issue only...C'est Bizarre ça!!

So, I'm ordering a few pairs in case they sell out...

Cheers again.

P.S. Even more bizarre. I mailed '' & the guy was going to raid Millar's stock next time he was in Biarritz...
Ooops, should've gave you a few stockists. GB's usually have stock, likewise Xpedia and Condor. The UK distributor (Blue Ridge) will probably supply you direct too.

Downside is they don't last too long when used as oversocks. Keep the cut-out for the cleat small - just cut a small X and push the cleat through the hole.

Have you ever seen the Lycra oversocks that have a picture of an Energy shoe printed on the side? Now they're funky!
Yeah. I saw Olano sporting those a couple of years back in a tour magazine & after asking Parker, they said they couldn't get any. But after finding a Sidi catalogue in PDF format on the net, it seems you can get these too.

I'll probably get some of the Vortex now that I know where to buy them.
Why don't people make a sock with a cleat hole that is sturdy rather than weakening the threads after hacking with a pair of scissors. I know this is the 'Old Pro trick' but surely something that'd last would be a market filler??

When I get them, I'll let you know if they are the genuine article. If not I'm relying on my Cofidis source to nick some for me...

Now when you say small hole, how big/small is that?? I ride Look.

Cheers for all the info.
Just cut a hole about half the width and length of the LOOK cleat, in an x shape. THen when you pull on the sock, it'll stretch round the cleat.
I've never tried this, but I suppose you could seal the edges of the cut with a soldering iron to stop fraying. The material is synthetic, so it would melt rather than smolder.

For the lycra energy oversocks, try Blue