Sigma Sport Mirage X


New Member
Feb 7, 2004
just last night i purchase on ebay one Sigma Sport Mirage X dual headlight system. what im wondering is does the battery have to be fully used up in order for it to be charged for 7 hours? because only says 7 hours charging time but it doesn't say whether of not it has to be fully discharged before charging. im just worried about overcharging seeing as how it doesn't come with a "trickle charge" system. and does this light offer a spare battery option? i tried to look for a spare battery but i can't seem to find it online anywhere. one last question: can the bulbs be changed to a different wattage? say, i want to change the 20 watt bulb to a 12 watt bulb to increase battery runtime. is that possible? if anyone has used this light in the past please shed some light. any help is greatly appreciated. thx!