Sigma wireless computer


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Jul 27, 2003
Has anyone else experienced problems with Sigma cordless computers, Just fitted one I bought for my mountain bike about 18months ago, to my road bike. Set up the wheel size by measurine the actual circumferance of my wheel/trye. After a few rides I began to suspect the distances and speeds were wrong. Very optimistic! Out of interest I switched from miles to KM's and set the wheel size to 2meters then sat and spun the wheel for 500 turns and the distance came out to exactly 1Km.
Reset the wheel size and tried it again on the road. while still set on KM's distance and speeds came out to be about the same as when set to miles. It looks as if it is not changing over from KM's to miles even though the display says it is. Or the converstion factor is way out.

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same sort of problem.
By the way I don't know if it it did the same on the mountian bike, as I didn't really ride it much after fitting the computer

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