similarities between Cancer and Alzheimers,Parkinson,Prion


Archimedes Plut

One of the nice things about jumping from one science topic to another and then coming back
refreshed and able to make more progress is that the mind needs a time out, just like sleep is
needed when engaged in much activity. But a bad feature of jumping is that I find myself having
mostly forgotten where I left off. I am acutely aware of this problem here and now when in the late
1990s I was trying to understand and explain Cancer and Alzheimers, Parkinsons, prion all under one
umbrella of a theory.

Tonight I think I got a nice refresher and insights into that desire to make these diseases fit into
a broad generalization.

I saw the PBS TV program on DNA "Curing Cancer" and the segment which really intrigued me was the
CML "chronic myloid leukemia" with its space age graphics showing a protein molecule (correct me if
wrong) that was misshapen and this bad protein then wanders around the cells and when it encounters
a cell the misshapen part of the protein molecule excites the cell to reproduce itself. And the cure
for CML was to make a molecule that when it collides with the bad protein to bind and thus shutdown
the geometry of the bad molecule from causing more cells to wildly reproduce and form cancer.

This sounds all familar to the Scissors that cuts the APP protein in Alzheimers in that the rogue
scissors causes 2 fragments, one of which is toxic and known as beta amyloid plaque fragment.

This also sounds familar to prion disease where a unwanted protein just accumulates more and more.
It is unknown to me whether the prion protein was a endresult of some Scissor cut or whether the
prion protein is the result of a misshapen Manufacturing Site where rogue deformed prion proteins
are produced. So I do not know whether it is a rogue Scissors or a rogue Manufacturing Site.

Closer to a Generalization and a lumping of all these above named diseases into one. And although
Cancer is a uncontrolled reproduction of cells one can still say that the cells are a waste product
whereas in Alzheimers, Parkinsons and prion the waste product is not cells but proteins. So we can
sort of say that in cancer the waste is cells whereas in Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Prion the waste
product is protein buildup.

And perhaps the key linkage or connection of the above diseases is the fact that the disease
originates from a **mis-shappened molecule or deformed molecule** whether it is a gene molecule, DNA
molecule or DNA/RNA snippet molecule or whether it is a protein molecule that is misshaped in
geometry form. And whether the deformed molecule is in the DNA or RNA or in the Scissors that cuts
proteins, the universal linkage here is that there exists a deformed geometry in a molecule that
leads to the disease.

Now, I think I maybe able to stretch this to include even viruses. If we consider that deformed
geometry is what causes Cancer and Alzheimers and Parkinsons and Prion then is not a virus really a
deformed geometry of an otherwise normal molecule? It is indeed. And in this way we can begin to see
that viruses can really spring into existence from seemingly out of no-where in that a deformed
molecule that causes say Alzheimers, and let us say the Scissors when compared to a virus molecule,
is not much difference except that the virus has a coating and injection system. So that as the
centuries go by with the Alzheimer scissors molecule that if this Scissors picks up a coating and
picks up a injection system that some day in the future, a Alzheimers Virus will come into

The key points in Summary:
(1) Apparently Cancer and Alzheimers and Parkinson and Prion diseases are all because of a deformity
of geometry of a molecule. A mis-shaped molecule will lead to these above diseases. They all
share that similarity. And thus the cure would be to change the deformity of the molecule.

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