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    Like we always are... I just need a little assistance from everyone's knowledge of past Tours De France and it riders. I've compiled a list of the top ten GC riders of the TDF from 1996-2006. There may be some errors, please excuse them, and correct me if I'm wrong. But I want to turn it into 2 lists: one of riders who have been caught or admitted to doping and one otherwise. Here's the 55 names:
    Bjarne Riis
    Jan Ullrich
    Richard Virenque
    Laurent Dufaux
    Peter Luttenberger
    Luc Leblanc
    Piotr Ugrumov
    Fernando Escartin
    Abraham Olano
    Tony Rominger
    Marco Pantani
    Francesco Casagrande
    Jose-Maria Jimenez
    Roberto Conti
    Bobby Julich
    christophe Rinero
    Michael Boogerd
    Jean-Cyril Robin
    Roland Meier
    Daniele Nardello
    Grande Di Guiseppe
    Axel Merckx
    Lance Armstrong
    Alex Zulle
    Angel Casero
    Vladimir Belli
    Andrea Peron
    Joseba Beloki
    Christophe Moreau
    Roberto Heras
    Santiago Botero
    Francisco mancebo
    Andrei Kivilev
    Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano
    Francois Simon
    oscar Sevilla
    Marcos Serrano
    Raimondas Rumsas
    Jose Azevedo
    Levi Leipheimer
    Carlos Sastre
    Alexandre Vinokourov
    tyler Hamilton
    Haimar Zubeldia
    Iban Mayo
    Ivan Basso
    Andreas Kloden
    Georg Totschnig
    Oscar Pereiro
    Mickail Rasmussen
    Cadel Evans
    Floyd Landis
    Denis Menchov
    Cyril Dessel
    Michael Rogers
    Of these 55, the 10 I know have been found guilty or have admitted to cheating are: Bjarne Riis, Jan Ullrich, Richard Virenque, Marco Pantani, Roberto Heras, Francisco Mancebo, Alexandre Vinokourov, Tyler Hamilton, Ivan Basso, and Floyd Landis. I know there's more to add here so help me out. Thanks.

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    You can find a list of athletes HERE

    Iban Mayo - Just been cleared on a negative 'B' sample

    Joseba Beloki - Puerto
    Oscar Sevilla - Puerto
    Francisco Mancebo - Puerto
    Santiago Botero - Puerto
    Laurent Dufaux - EPO
    Luc Leblanc - EPO (self admitted)
    Francesco Casagrande - testosterone
    Roland Meier - EPO
    Christophe Moreau - EPO (self admitted)

    Micheal Rasmussen - (under investigation??)

    Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano - he used salbutamol (asthma) and wasn't allowed a start in the 03 TDF although no UCI ban. He was also listed in Puerto.
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    Admitted to EPO and other dope use.
    Linked to OP via DNA testing.
    Admitted his doping in the Festina affair.
    Admitted doping in Festina affair.
    I cannot think of anything.
    Admitted to EPO use.
    Part of team Gewiss. Had a hematocrit of 60 according to Dr. Ferrari's files.
    Member of Kelme, who we know from Jesus Manzano was running a team doping program.
    Member of team ONCE, which we know from Zulle was running a doping program.
    Client of Dr. Ferrari.
    Thrown out of the '99 Giro for high hematocrit. His Hct was sky high when he was taken to a hospital after an accident.
    Tested positive for testosterone multiple times.
    I cannot remember anything.
    I don't recall anything/
    Phillipe Gaumont's book describes how the team's riders were prepared by an Italian doctor with EPO and other products for the 1998 TdF.
    Member of the above mentioned Cofidis team in 1998.
    Cannot recall anything.
    Spoke out about the two speed peloton when he was riding. Implied that he and everyone else was using before Festina but he and most of the French riders had cleaned up.
    Positve for EPO.
    I don't recall anything.
    Police raid on 2004 Giro found him to be in possession of insulin and growth hormone.
    Client of Dr. Ferrari. Subpoened for a depostion in the Ferrari case but he refused to comply.
    Retrotested urine from the '99 TdF shows six samples positive for EPO.
    Admitted to doping during the Festina affair.
    I seem to recall a stink over something but no specifics.
    I am drawing a blank.
    I can't recall anything beyond caffeine.
    Used the OP blooding doping network.
    Admitted his part in the Festina affair.
    Positive for EPO in Vuelta.
    Used OP blood doping network. Positive for high testosterone, which was found to be naturally high by--wait for it--Dr. Fuentes.
    Part of the OP blood doping network.
    Positive for not wearing a helmet.
    Excessive Salbutamol in the TdF.
    Tested positve for good luck.
    Used Operation Puerto doping network.
    Used OP blood doping network.
    Positive for EPO during Giro. Wife found smuggling dope into France.
    Cannot recall anything, but he did ride for Postal/Disco.
    Has not been caught yet. Rode for Postal and Disco.
    Cannot recall anything.
    Blood doping during 2007 TdF.
    Blood doping during 2004 Olympics and Vuelta.
    I cannot recall anything.
    Keeps testing positve and then is cleared.
    Blooding doping with Operation Puerto.
    Nothing yet.
    Claims he knew nothing about doping when he was on Team Telekom.
    Nothing yet.
    Dynapo found in his 2007 TdF samples. Attempted to smuggle synthetic hemoglobin into europe.
    Tested positive for testosterone. Admitted blood doping to Vaughters.
    Nothing yet.
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    I knew there were a lot of cheaters out there doing a lot of different junk, but for me this is the last straw. Goodbye cycling!:(

    And according to Trev's link, the only Armstrong implicated was Chris for cannibus.
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    The wikipedia link only lists people who were sanctioned or admitted they doped. Since Armstrong was found to have doped after he retired and only the B samples were tested, he was never sanctioned.

    Yeah, the Kivilev comment was in bad taste.
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    I heard that Armstrong stopped doping because the drugs weren't strong enough...

    Or was that Keith Richards..??

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    That Wikipedia list is interesting. I thought Cycling was bad, but mama mia, Athletics takes the cake.

    Realistic hope of stamping out doping in sport = zero, I think that's clear enough.