Single Speed Cranks


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Jan 30, 2004
Does anyone know of any great website that I can buy decent single speed cranks for my 21 speed 1996 GT Talera (currently a Shimano Alivio Crank 22-32-42T)? It's a pretty awesome bike for city riding, commuting and hitting the single track trails here in North Florida.

I'm tired of shifting up front but love the feel of the 32T gear which I mostly use anyways. Plus dropping a few rings will save me poundage. I have about $100 to blow on this project.

Do I have to buy a whole new crankset or can I just buy a single chainring and place it on this crank?

Once I get that information, I'll need to know how to put it on...I'm new to all this but love to work on bikes!

Thanks ;)
you can cheat on this project if you like. strip the rings off your alivo crankset, take the middle ring, if its not super worn, then flip it around so that shift ramps are to the side to the cranks so you use them for spacers for your chainring bolts, and bam you got a single speed single speed.
I guess I have to look at the crank to see how to do this. You speak about not needing spacers if I flip the 32T Chainring - I'll try that. I wonder if a local shop could supply me with spacers if needed. I'd let them to it for me, but really I don't want to cheat myself out of a chance to learn about single cranks!! :eek:
Looks like this chainring set is all one piece (spot welded together)! Damn, this thing is worse than a Huffy!! :confused:
new crankset, truvativ ss, or demension makes a really cheap single speed set, otherwise find a cheap used set on ebay
How about just not shifting the front derailleur? Or even romoving it altogether if you're concerned about its weight?

I can think of much better uses for $100 than replacing working stuff with less capable working stuff that serves the same purpose.

I did remove the derailleur already...the 42T ring has a couple of missing teeth...the bottom ring is great but never use it anyways. So I might as well replace or modify my cranks.

Since the rings are pressed together I can just saw or grind them off slowly without hurting the second 32T ring.

you have to have fun with projects like this!!! :D
You can just get the drive side crank arm and put a new 32/34T ring on it. I have done that for my singlespeed.

If you want a cheap option, look for second hand set, or see if there is a 'spare' crank arm at LBS's from d/h'ers or trials riders who have snapped the other (non-drive) crank and had to get a new set.