Single speed Trek 4500 Commuter


Jan 6, 2012
Here's my commuter and all around bike. It started life as a Trek 4500 mountain bike with Rock Shox suspension fork. I find myself having less time for trails, but I have plenty of time for road and commuting. I decided to re-purpose this bike rather than buy a new one. I first put on the skinnier hybrid tires. Then I bought and installed the DMR single speed kit to see if I would like it. I really enjoy the simplicity of single speed riding, so I then decided to go a step further by having a bike shop put on a Sugino single speed crank and a Surly 1x1 rigid fork. My gear ratio is 46/16. A Planet Bikes head light and tail light completed the package. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I'm really happy knowing I was able to breath life into my 9 year old mountain bike. Comments good or bad welcome.