Singlespeed Magazine, New Issue


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Dec 17, 2004
Yes singlespeed folks, One Mag is out again. This time with the Worlds coverage from State College, Penn. We traveled all the way from Australia to attend this grand event. We have 20 pages of coverage plus words from K. Bontrager, G. Fisher, Jaquie Phelan and more. Since we are from Australia, we have complete coverage of the Aussie champs too. Can't forget the SSUK event. Look for the photo gallery on our website

Do you want a copy? Send us an email via this site.
$5AUD in Australia, $5USD in USA, $7USD everywhere else. We will also give you a copy of issue 1 or issue 2 (if you don't already have it) for free (while stocks last).
We are also offering a t-shirt/mag offer. $25USD to anywhere with our "no gears" design t-shirt in red or blue and a copy of the current issue. Deals to be had.