sir bradly wiggens training plans..

Discussion in 'Cycling Training' started by leanman, Mar 25, 2014.

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    bradly wiggens isnt racing tomorrow. his coach said he'll train a few more weeks..

    EVERY pro in the peloton, i read or heard them say in interviews, say that racings the best training. why then is sir bradly not racing???? why wouldnt he race tomorrow, train, then race the weekend races, then train, then be ready for roubaix??

    heres the quote from his coach..

    "He's really strong and he was going really well in Tirreno, but he still needs an extra bit of training to get his best form. That's why he chose not to race in this period and do a good training block and come back in Scheldeprijs and Roubaix."

    i'd sure like to know what kind of training he will be doing thats better than racing..

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    What training - riding his bike. Hard. For long periods of time. Maybe with the Scheldeprijs in mind, he might be training for a last 2km pursuit style effort. It's typically a sprinters finish but if Sir Wiggo is going for it he'll have to summon the track pursuit Gods and magic up 600 watts.