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Garry Jones

I am trying to help a Swedish cyclist in the newsgroup who is about to buy
a new bike.

I am attempting to point him in the direction of a traditional cycling shop. He has about
$1600 to spend.

Can anyone point me (and him) at a good link when buying a new bike. Sizing in particular is
interesting as there seem to be many conflicting approaches this subject.

This rider is a first time buyer, age 25, and has some considerable experience of riding on the
road, but only on MTB. Now he wants to get a little more serious and buy a racing bike.

I am also curious about the cycling shop situation in other countries. In Sweden there are not many
specialist bike shops, most racing bikes are sold "off-the-peg" by sports shops lacking in knowledge
and capability of wheel-building, frame-sizing or component specs. These store personnel have no
interest in cycling. Years ago bikes over $500 were sold as frames + components of personal choice.
The bike shop man was usually an ex top racer or at least a keen cyclist. Nowadays "off-the-peg"
bikes are retailing at prices exceeding $2500, young shop assistants are saying to experienced
cyclists "buy this, this is what you need".

Does this worrying trend occur in the States? Other countries?

Garry Jones English cyclist ResIDING in Sweden.
THere are several website devoted to such things, I am not familar with them however, best all
around cycling website is

See what Sheldon has to say.

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