Skewer (Quick Release) positioning. Need help!!


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Sep 11, 2006
I doubt about positioning the skewer on the bike. I know the rear skewer usually goes to the left side because of the cassette. What about the front? Should I put it on the right side instead to clear the brake caliper? Is it matter left or right? If matter, why? Pls HELP!!!!:confused:
Tradition has it that the lever is on the left side, because the rear skewer has a derailleur to contend with. As for the position on the fork, if the caliper is on the left, then logic would dictate that the lever be on the right. I say put them where you darn well please, as long as it keeps your wheels on!
If you keep the skewers on one side then there's less chance of turning the wheel around when you remove and replace the front wheel,usualy your computer magnet goes on the right fork so by keepng the skewers on the left,lets you know its all in the right place. some Mtb tyres are used in one direction for the front and another direction at the rear,so skewers in line tyres running right.In Mtbing we also close the skewer lever facing away from line of travle so that it would get hooked by a stray branch. :)
The Skewer can go on either side without effecting the bike. However, look at the tire and ensure that the tire will be routating the correct dirrection. In other words if you want to flip the skewer to the right instead of the left, make sure the tire corresponds.