SKF bearing casting methods and indicators

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    SKF bearing needless to say, in the position in industrial production is difficult. So today's science and technology of the development of the society cannot leave the NACHI Bearings Series technology development, into the bearings SKF bearing
    market, domestic bearings, SKF bearing assembly, "shanzhai" SKF bearing, why did you choose domestic bearings SKF bearing not choose? And why do you choose the SKF bearing abandon the use of other SKF bearing? Course there for many
    reasons, but in the end we will use as to meet the requirements of their production and quality of SKF bearing. Let's SKF bearing, for example, why talk about SKF bearing quality so good; Imported SKF bearing forging: bearing pressure on
    the use of forging machinery for metal blank, make the SKF bearing produces plastic deformation in order to obtain certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and size of forging processing method. SKF bearing, Japan: casting metal
    melting into meet certain requirements of the liquid is poured into the mold, after cooling solidification, men get a predetermined shape, size and performance of the technological process of the casting parts (or blank). SKF bearing in
    high speed precision angular contact ball bearing, the SKF bearing is mainly used in load lighter, high speed rotation of the SKF bearing requirements are very high, in use process into required SKF bearing high precision, high speed,
    low temperature rise, low vibration and service life. This usually makes the high-speed motorized spindle bearing SKF bearing installed in pairs, is the key to the high-speed motorized spindle surface grinding machine accessories. The
    main technical indicators:
    1. SKF bearing precision index: more than GB / 307.1 94 P4 level precision
    2. High speed performance indicators: dmN 1.31.8 x 106 / min
    3. The service life (on average) : > 1500 h
    High speed precision angular contact ball bearing service life had a lot to do with the installation, should pay attention to the following:
    1. SKF bearing installation should be clean, clean room, should be carefully selected SKF bearing, SKF bearing with baffle passes through grinding, and in keeping the baffle on inner and outer contour under the premise of baffle
    parallelism should be controlled below 1 um. 2. SKF bearing should be cleaned before installed and when cleaning inner ring ramp up, flexible hand induction, no stagnation, air-dried, into the specified amount oil, if oil mist
    lubricating oil should be in a small amount of oil mist; 3. SKF bearing installation should use specialized tools, force uniform, do not knock; 4. SKF bearing deposit should be clean and ventilated, non-corrosive gas, relative humidity
    of not more than 65, long-term storage should be rust on a regular basis.