Skin care for you


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Dec 14, 2005

Everybody knows how important is to have beautiful, healthy hair or a perfectly cleansed face. It is essential for our social life. I hope I made my point so I would just like you to try the gerovital range from Aslaskin. I know that sounds like advertising (by the way, this is what I thought too) but just take 2 minutes of your time and visit If this proves to be a waste of time (I assure you it won’t), please feel free to take it on me.

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First ,thank for the share,however if you dont mind please tell me what is inside this product,is it herbal or is it chemical compound from extracted plan,for my hair I usually use nothing but aloe vera,and I got no complaint so far
Lifestyle is important. How many hours do you usually sleep? Researches show that anything less then 8 is not enough. Try get more sleep. Do your best to reduce stress levels as well. Get rid of your soap if it contains oils and replace it with a natural soap bar. Wash and moisturize your face daily. Also, try to use only natural skin care products.