Sleuthing the mysterious bicycle creaks...

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Reuben Hick

Given: Cannondale CAAD-3, Mavic 26sp CXP-30s w/ 300miles on them yet haven't been back yet to the
builder since laced. All new components installed at same time as wheels (only the frame, handlebars
and fork are OEM) Bicycle stored indoors, taken outdoors in 40-55 F weather. That lovely spoke
crinkle sound that fresh wheels make on first 100 feet of travel. Only occurs for the first
two-three miles and only when under power (no sound during coasting, reverse pedalling, light
forward pedalling) Problem started coincidentally with the first real cold day, yet the symptoms
still persist even when in the 60sF.

At first I thought that a cable was hitting some spokes but the sound was not in sync with wheel RPM
or crank, and the sound stops after a little distance has been put on them. Then there is no racket
until the next day. For instance, I can go to the gym, first couple of miles with that noise
(diminishing until gone), park outside for an hour, then return home with no noise.

Tomorrow is a great day to have the mechanic tune up everything, but was just wondering about the
noise and its origins.
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