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jj commented on slime adding a little weight me to thinking.

The actual weight of the slime is 8oz (4oz per tube). My riding involves
sand, packed gravel, asphalt, and concrete. I have to deal with metal
debris, glass and "goatweed".

I haven't had to fix a flat all year.

Best one was early last month: picked up a lumber tag on the Alex Fraser
Bridge...I mean I literally picked it up: a 1/2" staple attached to the tag
was stuck in the tire! Slime oozing out all around. The tire was down
about 50lbs pressure by the time I finally got to a filling-station pump
(too much bother to use the mini-pump), I pulled out the offending metal bit
and ran up the pressure to 90psi. Spun the wheel to dry the sealant, and
rode home.

As to the weight of my bike: well, I think we covered that in another

(ref: see Re:Re: Giant Bikers)

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