small dent in frame


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Aug 31, 2002
Somewhere over the past couple of weeks I've managed to put a small dent in the top-tube of my Cannondale aluminium road frame (CAAD5). :(<br /><br />It's only about 7 or 8 mm long and is horizontal, and is almost smack-bang in the middle of the tube, between the seatpost and steerer tube. Think a miniature version of those door-dings that inconsiderate people put into the side of your car in the parking lot.<br /><br />Is this going to have any effect on the frame's structural integrity? It appears more cosmetic than anything else, but I just want to be 100% certain before I try to attain quasi-suicidal speeds ;) I don't use it for competition BTW, mainly 1-4 hour long rides and of course commuting.<br /><br />and on a similar topic -- what is the general lifespan of an aluminium frame? I know it's less than steel, and possibly longer than carbon, and that aluminium frames can't be repaired like steel ones sometimes can be..<br /><br />
some checks to do:<br />1 Is the tube still straight? is total frame still straight?<br />2 Are there any ruptures in the tube?<br /><br />If 1 is 2 times yes and 2 is no the answer is as long as without the dent I have known racers with 2dents in track frame or a huge dent in de lower tube riding there bike without problems. Main things is is the frame still straight if it isn't structure is damaged, it will not handle properly or show ruptures.<br /><br />Lifespan is hard to say, depends on the aluminium used, the size and geometry, of the frame, the number of miles/kilometers you do and the way you ride your bike.<br /><br />There are racers who do only 7500km or 5months with top end light aluminium frames. Some heavier frames might last for years even cyclo cross ones. too many variables involved
Thats good news then! :) Everything's all straight and it rides as well as it ever does. Looking at it a bit more, I suspect it was simply the handlebar swinging across and giving the top tube a fair old whack.<br /><br />But with the good (well erm less bad) comes the annoying/bad, somehow I managed to scratch my carbon fork yesterday &gt;:( Thankfully it just looks like it's some top-coat paintwork scratches on the inside of the fork (how it managed to get scratched there I'll never know!), and one tiny millimetre or two long scratch where I can just see the matt black of the carbon composite.<br /><br />Still, far better IMO to be out enjoying the bike (and accept the inevitable occasional scratch etc.) than having it lie idle like a garage queen I guess! :p