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Edward Dolan

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> On 21-Jul-2005, "Edward Dolan" <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Sweat away like hell and be proud of it. Your body is doing exactly what
>> it
>> is suppose to be doing. Anyone who doesn't like the way you smell should
>> keep their freaking distance. Why would anyone ever want to be closer
>> than
>> several arm lengths away from others anyway? Unless you are engaged in
>> intimate sexual relations, you do not need to concern yourself with
>> others.
>> Hells Bells! Smells is Good!
>> The biggest laugh in the world are all those touring cyclists who think
>> they
>> have got to shower each and every day of a bike tour. What good does that
>> do? The next day you are bathed in sweat within 15 minutes. I have even
>> seen
>> these types of jerks hand washing their cycling shorts at night. I can go
>> for weeks without showering and months without washing any clothes. Yes,
>> I
>> sweat a lot, but I am not "dirty." Wash when you are dirty. Sweat we will
>> always have with us. It is what humans do and it is very necessary.
>> Either
>> that, or learn to pant like other animals.
>> You should shower (take a bath) about once a week on a Saturday night and
>> you should wash your cycling clothes about once a year. Hells Bells, I
>> would
>> not even consider wearing any cycling clothing that did not at least
>> stick
>> to my body. In fact, I like cycling clothing that will stand all by
>> itself
>> even when I am not wearing it.

> No wonder downtown Worthington, Minnesota is deserted. Mr. Ed has driven
> everyone off with his foul personality and foul body odor.

It is good to see my words of wisdom posted for a second time for all the
world to ponder.

Downtown Worthington is now deserted because Wal-Mart has set up on the edge
of town. The first major store to leave when Wal-Mart came to town was
K-Mart. I think ShopKo is now in big trouble too. Apparently, all the world
loves low prices, unlike recumbent cyclists who actually seem to prefer high
prices, at least for their bikes. Any low racers around for $1000. or less?

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