SMH: Aussie cyclists may get 'head start'

"flyingdutch" wrote:
> ask and you shall recieve. the first ones were done a little while ago
> (StK junction), with Chandler Hwy not long after.
> Flemington Rd is about to get em (including thru a roundabout!)

That's one place I definitely DO NOT want coloured lanes or otherwise. That
encourages people to use the lane, drivers expect it, but in the roundabout

One very trashy aspect of national road standardisation. A friend of mine
(quite an experienced cyclist) got caught out by this one recently. He took
the view, wrongly, that the coloured surface indicated he had some priority
to go right on the roundabout, and was clipped by a car going straight
through. Roads authorities claim that it is to give a route for less
confident riders to get through the roundabout rather than claiming the
road, but these cyclists are even more likely to be confused by the marking.

So folks, if you see a coloured lane through a roundabout (as has appeared
near my home) IGNORE it. You are not compelled to use it. I prefer to take
control of the road and go round the roundabout clear and safe.


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"cfsmtb" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> vintage Wrote:
>> I get cards beeping occasionally and cars follow me thru as well LOL

> Ditto with the contra flow bicycle access on Lennox St, Richmond. Twice
> I've had motorists try to follow me, first one was via doing a right
> turn into Lennox from Elizabeth St. Second one was a obviously blind
> twept who tried to follow bike & I up Lennox through the intersection
> at Highett St, when there is clear signage (for cars) denoting it is
> one way, with contra access for bikes. Ehhhhhh! Braaaain hurts!
> --
> cfsmtb

That's a fun one.

Ped: "Didn't you see the 'No Entry' sign?"

Me: "That'd be the one immediately above the "Bicycles Excepted" sign."

Ped: *muttered profanity*