So much talking. Garmin Vector still not in sight?


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Jun 10, 2004
novetan said:
Anyone has any idea when ready?
Apparently at an investor meeting, Garmin said something about the Vector likely being out this year. They've also said they're not going to release them until they're fully sussed out. I know people are either frustrated with the wait or think this is just another vaporware episode, but those same people would ***** to no end if the Vectors were released and had serious bugs. My suggestion is that if you're looking for a power meter, don't wait. There's plenty on the market now that is reliable. I'd seriously consider Power2Max's crank based power meters. They've got prices that will beat the Vector's proposed prices. Likewise PowerTap is always an option and is certainly affordable, at least compared to other power meters. I'm not hip on buying a pedal-based power meter unless someone makes one out of Shimano Dura Ace pedals. I worry about the Exustar pedals that are the base of the Vectors and their lack of a metal plate on the pedal to limit pedal body wear. As for the Look/Polar pedal power meter system, it's just far too expensive, IMHO, for what you get, and having used the Keo pedals in the past, I'm not interested in moving back to Keos from Shimanos, which I consider superior.