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Highest Triangle

every find the time distance gig. and young tim ever speed more to wind
less the ken yens ladys at start of marathons
or maybe public life scares you to the wilderness......
me I look forward t a truck and money one day.
I mean it been 3 years and really 4 years of saying till I am Blus inthe
face.that I need my money from thesenon paying paying peope. I did say
espn and miller light
I did say rock mother
I did say map from hell He scores
till I am blue in the face.
I did say jfk and teminator lowe pluto and evangoves.....butt as we all
why would evan 1 human on this planet care holy name sub

ultra runner with with me in time..... I gone..just
wanted you all to no.... tom wheelerort michigan

year round biking.