So this is why cycling shorts need to be tight round the legs?

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I found this amongst the Sheddi and it amused me greatly.

>Motorcyclist Moses Rickleberger underwent emergency treatment in the East Florida Baptist Hospital
>for an injury to his private parts on the final day of the Daytona Bike Week. Lawyers for American
>National Airways are at present awaiting Mr Rickleberger's discharge to issue a writ for $30
>million while Miss Amy Listroper is leading a class action on behalf of passengers.
>In the spirit of the Daytona Bike Week, Mr Rickleberger was riding his Buell motorcycle along
>Interstate 4 dressed only in a T shirt, baggy shorts and a bandana. As he was approaching the
>Deland Airport exit, an insect, later identified as a European Hornet, flew up the leg of his
>shorts and stung his left testicle.
>Mr Rickleberger reportedly tried to smack the insect in an effort to kill it but succeeded only in
>injuring himself further. Mr Rickleberger apparently snatched open the throttle of the motorcycle
>as he reared back in pain. He then veered off the highway, descended into a drainage ditch and was
>launched over the perimeter fence and on to the wing of an American National Airways Fokker taxing
>on the runway on a scheduled flight to Miami. The bike landed on the right wing and embedded itself
>in the cabin, causing the pilot to abort the flight and order an emergency evacuation of the plane.
>Mr Rickleberger had divested himself of his shorts and was rolling around on the runway holding
>his crotch and screaming obsenities. Miss Litsroper said "We were all terrified that we were being
>attacked by a mad biker trying to hijack the plane. It was completely terrifying. He was a very
>big man."
>Despite the fact that the $29 milion turbo-prop aircraft was written off in the incident, black
>civil rights campaigners describe the American National Airways' intended lawsuit as "excessive and
>a clear case of institutional and blatant race discrimination."
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