So what now?


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Jan 24, 2002
There was the big build up and the big race - now what?<br /><br />My plan is to take it real easy (no riding during the week and one or two long, easy rides on the weekend) until early December then 3 weeks of solid base work until Jan. Then it's interval time until the racing starts again with the H2H.<br /><br />What's everybody else up to?<br /><br />December might also be a good time to set up a South African 'cyclingnews' weekend ride. Maybe a few in different areas. I'm in the west rand - who else wants to get together for a ride? I've met Goat and Jaco but am keen to put a few more faces to names!
Much the same as you, Eldron. I'll stay on my bike and work some more on my endurance (base) during December.<br /><br />I'm keen to meet the guys and gals. If and when theres a &quot;who's-who-in-the-zoo&quot; ride, count me in.
Eldron can i suggest to you a bigger base period...I would recommend at least 5/6 weeks. Base work is probably the most important part of your training and i dont think you body has enough time to adapt in just three weeks. All dont neccessarily have to be big miles though....but most of the 5/6 weeks must be purely endurance ( HR below threshold). I know its hard out here because of the really early races in Jan. It all depends where your goals lie though. I know we do 2 base phases, the first one purely endurance and a very little bit of training just over threshold in the 2nd phase. Each phase for us lasts 5/6weeks then we have a recovery week after every phase throughout the year. On our recovery week we ride 1 hr - 1hr 30 EVERY day with HR less than 75% !<br /><br />A big mistake i find one tends to make out here is that because of having to ride in big bunches, there are often times during your 'base' training where you are going way over threshold. Base just becomes a time to get in big miles. But it is more important during the base phase to have then sightly lower miles and remain purely endurance.<br /><br />Does this make sense??<br /><br />If you guys do organise your ride, you can count me in!
My plan is to do basic training till january but with once a week a bit powertraining. from jan i would do some serious training and in february do interval. In ma the new season starts so I want to be completly in condition then.<br /><br />It will be the first season I'll ride<br /><br />greetz Jelle
Diane's right about the length of base training. <br />with such a short base period Eldron suggested it's possible to come to a peak after 6 or zeven week but 2-3 weeks later you're done. So only when there's no time left in your seaeson this is an option. When you want to ride good for a long time 5to 7 weeks base trainig will be required.<br /><br />What I'am up to?<br /><br />For the moment nothing I can only walk with my pair of aluminium legs. I hope to be back on a bike in 2-3 weeks and will do some base training until end january. <br /><br />I might do some cyclo-cross to end december. Its way to early for a good result, but i will try to get some extra points for the classification. Now I 'am 3th in the local league and I want to try to save something of my classification and in the first place get rid of the fear that might be left because of the crash that caused me to miss at least 2 races(had surgery for a leg injury). This will not be racing for top 7 of the 45 as I used to do but more place 15-20(I hope it might be worse) and trying not to be lapped of course.<br /><br />I will be in Spain for 9 days to do mountain training in the sun in early march.<br />Later Goals Might become Road nationals half june, Track nationals(if they are held this year) about half august. And i might squeeze in some races like you do end of august(velomediaine 174km 5000meters of higth difference. But first the damn leg has to heal.
Right - I've checked my schedule for Saturday morning and I'm free! Who's in for a base ride?<br /><br />I live in Florida Hills so anywhere within 10km would be a good starting point. My suggestion is the Mugg and Bean on Hendrik Potgieter (seems quite popular this time of year). How about meeting there 7am this Saturday for an easy spin ~60km?<br /><br />We can stop for coffee afterwards (Mugg and Bean make awesome pecan nut flapjacks).<br /><br />So who's in? Otherwise tell us what area you live so we can come up with something that's central to everyone (within reason).<br /><br />Also thanks for the advice people - my new programme is base training from now until end December to make up the 5/6 weeks then intervals to preparation for my first licensed vets race - the Hyper to Hyper. I rate myself as a bit of a sprinter so it should be a good start to the season. The Berg en Dal on the other hand will hurt like hell. Ahhh cycling - the only sport where the 56kg man can be king! Even with single digit fat % I'm still 78kg.
Eldron, how about joining us on Sunday morning for a VERY long club ride. See "Great qualifying ride for Paris-Brest-Paris 2003";action=display;threadid=2503
Sunday is a bit better for me. <br /><br />I've been taking it easy for the last week and I'll continue to do so for this week. As for training, I want to do 3 - 4 hours a day, four days a week for December and January. I'll have to decide what I'm gonna do after that a bit closer to the time.
Can't we make this a once a month ride. Change the venue each month and just get start it as the Cyclingforums group (anyone can join of course). We can make it an acceptable day during the month, go to different places in Gauteng (e.g. go to a different member each month!) and ride a LSD.
<br />Saturday sounds good ! Im suposed to be taking it off the whole week still so im in very a really nice 'coffee shop' ride.
<br />OK - Saturday we're on! <br /><br />Vo2, Goat and Dianne: Mugg and Bean on Hendrik Potgieter this Saturday at 7am. I'm not sure if there is another Mugg and Bean on HP but I mean the one next to Woolworths in the center with Newscafe and Macdonalds (next to Hillfox).<br /><br />Lab_Rat: I'm up for a ride on Sunday - suggest a place, time and route and I'm there!<br /><br />ewep: Join us on Saturday - we'll see how things go and chat about making it a monthly thing!<br /><br />Mampara: You're a crazy man ;) I've ridden 200km before but it's just too long - the mind (and the ass) snap at about 170km.... Enjoy!!<br />
Damn, this thread really got going didn't it. I'm keen but was meant to take Mel out for her inaugural MTB'ing ride on Sunday. How long you guys intending?<br /><br />My plan until Hyper to Hyper is to get in lots of easy km's on the Roadie and get at least one MTB ride in a week so I can get my skills back. The double century was the start of that planning, and it worked out well (maybe not exactly at pure endurance pace, but I certainly didn't go as fast as possible!!)
Eldron, VO2, Goat and Dianne.. I will also join you guys on Saturday 7:00 at Mugg and Bean. Don't leave without me ;D
[quote author=GreatWhite link=board=15;threadid=2685;start=15#23096 date=1038307735]<br />See ya all there too! Eldron - this is a base work ride - no intervals or chasing trucks!! ;)<br />[/quote]<br /><br />Just for the record: I never chased that truck - it sucked me along in it's wake.....<br /><br />Rhodent - I reckon we'll do about 60km at a pretty easy pace (the pace of the slowest rider). Coffee shop ride is the term I believe ;)<br /><br />Cadence: Excellent! We'll see you there.<br /><br />I've just spoken to my team mates and most of them will make it too - we should have quite a bunch!<br /><br />
No fair. . . what about Sunday morning??<br /><br />Well boys and girls, enjoy it. Maybe I'll join you next time.
Yup Eldron, that sucked along in their wake comment is the one I always use for speed traps (No sir, I just got pulled into the wake of that Honda Motorbike doing 180 on the freeway... did you do physics officer? No? GOOD!!!!)
If we can find some other slower riders I'll join you. (My fast daysare long gone. :'() There must be other members that we can make into a B group? ???