So you are shopping for a new bike?

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    Hopefully, you've allowed for accessories in your budget. I just ordered a new bike, the latest in a long line of new bikes, four of them custom. I started riding when I was five and I'm very, very close to turning 65. When I was younger, less experienced, and broker, the way a bike came from the store was the way it was forever. Don't think that way. You aren't stuck with the bike the way it came.
    If you plan on riding more than a few miles, you are going to need water bottles and cages. The most important things here are that they don't come out, when you hit a bump, but do come out when you want a drink.
    Since the advent of clipless pedals, most bikes don't come with them. If you want platform pedals and it's a cheaper bike you might luck out. I'm a big fan of Shimano everything. I even have Shimano fishing reels. On the other hand, I'm also a big fan of sales. I ordered some Time pedals for my new MTB because they were half price and light. I have some Mavic pedals on one of my road bikes for the same reasons.
    The stem is the most under rated component on your bike. It affects everything. Unless you have the right stem, you will never be as happy with your bike as you could be. Stems come in different lengths and different amounts of rise. You aren't stuck with the stem the bike came with. If it isn't perfect, change it.
    If you love the saddle the bike came with, you are very lucky. Before you change it, make sure it's the saddle you are unhappy with and not how the bike is set up. Bars too low or stem too long, saddle too high or too far back, can all cause a saddle to be uncomfortable. But it it's the seat, for the love of God, change it.
    The gearing the bike comes with may not suit you. If you live in the Rockies, like I do, you might want a lower low gear, maybe a bigger high gear too. If you live in Kansas, you might want a cassette that looks like a corn cob. You aren't stuck with the gearing the bike came with.
    That's all I've got off the top of my head.

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    Hi, a bunch of helpful information in short writing. Really appreciate your effort. I'm actually a newbie biker and planning to buy a bike within the next few days. For this reason, surfing around the forums like this. Your informative writing and recommendation are gonna help me a lot. Thanks again :)