Sodium Phosphate


Jan 1, 2005
If you are all really that interested in it, nothing you can not find in the bodybuilding world to give you an advantage...may give it a try myself...never heard of this stuff.

I was scanning the posts and it has the tribasic type you folks were mentioning.

Just to make the playing field even....when everyone does it, it does not matter anymore.

Who needs to be spending thousands on a bike when for $13 you can have it


Steve_B said:
I tried it last year in for a TT as the first stage of a stage race. I did do about 4% better power in the TT than I did in training leading up to the event but I have no way of telling if that was because of:

1) the sodium phosphate
2) resting and tapering correctly prior to the event
3) the excitement of the race environment
4) all of the above