SOLD!! Re: Never ridden 55cm Bianchi frame, fork, and headset

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    > This Bianchi was sold to a fellow last month, but the would-be buyer
    > incurred some unforeseen financial problems so it is back for sale at a

    > discount to the already-low previous selling price! This beautiful Bianchi
    > frame with matching fork has been built up and subsequently taken down,

    > has never been ridden. It was bought as a complete bike with most of the
    > components removed leaving the frame, fork, and headset for sale.
    > This Bianchi Trofeo frame measures 55cm from the center of the bottom
    > bracket to the center of the top tube, or 56.5cm from the center of the
    > bottom bracket to the top of the seat or top tube, with a 55.5cm top tube.
    > The fork is a unicrown 1" threaded type. The frame and fork are painted a
    > stunning metallic pearl Bianchi Celeste with tealish blue

    > beautiful. The color is so pretty in the sunlight it almost seems as if it
    > is still wet! This version of the signature Bianchi Celeste color is much
    > richer and more appealing to most folks than the older flat Celeste color
    > Bianchi used on their frames. If you have not seen the new Bianchi Celeste
    > metallic pearl color scheme, you will be amazed at how pretty it is.
    > The frame is fully lugged using Bianchi Exclusive Dedacciai Superset-2

    > tubing. The downtube is ovalized at the bottom bracket shell for both
    > stiffness when climbing and sprinting, and for strength. This frame and

    > were made in Italy by master craftsmen, and are a wonderful testament to
    > their bike building expertise. The rear chainstays measure a longish 42cm
    > for comfort and stability, with vertical dropouts that are 130mm wide.

    > frame takes an English bottom bracket (even though it is Italian made),

    > a clamp-on front derailleur, has two sets of water bottle bosses, a pump
    > peg, and the rear brake cable is routed through split stops on the top

    > There are some paint chips and shop wear on this frame from assembly and
    > display, but there is no rust and it is in wonderful condition. All of the
    > tubes and fork have been treated on the inside with Boeshield T9 rust
    > prevention spray.
    > What better way to start 2006 than to build up a classic Italian road

    > $250 for the frame, fork, and headset professionally packed, shipped, and
    > insured. Buyer can also buy a new set of matching Look-compatible Bianchi
    > pedals for $40 more. Pictures available on request.