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  1. Cover letter to the 3 diseases of Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Prion for
    editing and revising to keep these two files in somewhat order:

    I am massively revising my website of because it is written in a
    textbook fashion that it requires massive editing and
    deleting and adding onto about every 5 years. I have
    neglected this website for about 10 years and so I have
    a big job ahead of
    me.My other website of needs no
    periodic editing because it is structured as a archive
    that I merely collect the posts I post and enter or dump
    it into the website. Archiving does not require editing
    because it wants to save everything whether correct or
    riddled with mistakes.

    Files 150 and 151 deal with Alzheimers Parkinsons and
    Prion disease. I was fortunate to have a running
    dialogue and conversation with at least 3 scientists et
    al from Berkeley and Cambridge Univ about these
    diseases starting with the year 1997 and specifically
    these dates:

    Oct-Nov 1997 Dec 1998 Feb-Mar 1999 Jan 2004 so anyone
    interested in that long history can view it at website under those dates.

    I must have had over 2,000 posts to the internet in
    conversations with 3 or more scientists about these 3
    diseases. And my old practice of filling File150 and
    File151 with many of those past posts is just not
    practical when I have to revise and edit so often. That
    practice must cease because my archived website handles
    all of those posts and no need to repeat those posts in
    this textbook website where I want to achieve
    understanding and clarity, not archivity.

    So that means I have to toss out old posts from this
    website and to attempt to keep it current and clear
    and short.

    Let me just remark on the history of Alzheimers,
    Parkinsons, and Prion. I dived into these 3 diseases
    back in October of 1997 noting the analogy similarity
    of a ant disease in the tropics where a fungus infects
    an ant's brain and kills the ant. I could not escape
    the notice of a analogy between fungus ant disease and
    Prion disease. My search for what causes prion disease
    then migrated theory-wise to thinking that Prion
    disease is the analogy to sickle cell anemia disease
    only with a deformed brain protein instead of deformed
    red blood cells. Theory migrated into many other
    theories and hypothesis but then recently is news not
    of Prion disease with metal-ions from phosmet and magnetic-
    manganese but news from Alzheimers from a PBS TV show
    in that the plaque buildup (much like prion buildup)
    is caused by a rogue scissors that wrongly snips the
    APP protein into 2 segments wherein the one segment
    ends up being toxic and the start of the buildup of
    Alzheimers plaques.

    So, is there a similar scissors mechanism or scissors-
    like mechanism that causes Prion disease?

    So I left the discussion of Alzheimers, Parkinsons,
    Prion in January of 2004 with the open issue of a
    Scissors mechanism for Alzheimers and whether
    Parkinsons and Prion also have a scissors mechanism and
    whether magnetic-manganese is the metal-ion culprit
    that causes Prion disease and whether Parkinsons and
    Alzheimers also have a metal-ion facilitator culprit
    such as perhaps aluminum or other metal-ions.

    One of the issues I stressed and harped and harped on
    from 1997 to present day is that the Nobel prize to
    Prusiner for his Prion theory was a prize that was way
    way too premature and huge mistake. To have given the
    Nobel to Prusiner was so premature, that the Nobel
    should have given a prize to any lead researcher of
    Alzheimers circa 1995 to 1997 and to have given a prize
    to any lead researcher for Parkinsons disease circa 1995-
    1997 because in the 1990s it was widely recognized that
    both Alzheimers and Parkinsons are unsolved, likewise
    it is easy to see that Prion was also unsolved and that
    the Prusiner award was so big of a mistake and that the
    science behind it was utterly lacking and it was pushed
    and pushed due to the Mad-Cow outbreak in England.
    Science recognition should never be held hostage to
    epidemic events in the world for that is making science
    a passing fad or fashion whereas the awarding should be
    for thorough understanding. The reason the Nobel
    Committee never awarded Alzheimers or Parkinsons from
    1990-2003 was because the mechanism for Alzheimers and
    Parkinsons are still not understood even as of March
    2004 but it is fair to say that the understanding of
    Alzheimers is even more advanced than the understanding
    of Prion disease. Prion is not understand even to this
    very day, yet the Nobel Committee blustered and rammed
    ahead giving a prize out for Prion disease when it
    never should have. The Nobel to Prusiner is one of the
    worst Nobel awards ever given because it causes the
    scientists in that field to ever have to go back and
    say "well the Prusiner model is wrong and just ignore
    it". The Nobel Committee in giving Prusiner the award
    were more rambunctious and impetuous than Mr. Bush
    wanting to invade Iraq in 2003. In fact, it can be
    argued that
    mf.Bush had more grounds to invade Iraq than the Nobel
    Committee had grounds to award Mr. Prusiner on the
    science of Prion disease. And it is ironic that Mr. Blix
    is from Sweden where the Nobel Committee is and that Mr.
    Blix is laying it straight as far as the groundless and
    baseless claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction. So, if
    Mr. Blix had chaired the Nobel Committee in the 1990s, he
    may well have averted another large mistake by ignoring
    the sirens call to award Prusiner for his model.

    One other item I want to mention for Files 150 and 151
    is that in that history of 1997 on Prion disease, is
    that I attacked the Prusiner Model on two grounds and
    it is these two grounds which convinced me back in 1997
    that the Prusiner Model is a complete fake.

    (1) Thermodynamically it is impossible for a bad-prion-
    molecule to convert a good-prion-molecule into an
    identical copy. The energy equation just does not
    give enough energy for a similar protein to alter a
    different protein into a identical copy. Just not
    enough energy for the interaction. On the other
    hand, a DNA molecule or RNA molecule possess enough
    energy dynamics to cause other molecules to convert
    in an interaction.

    (2) If prion proteins really did what the Prusiner
    Model says then the lowest form of life is not the
    cell or DNA or RNA but proteins like prion-proteins
    because replication or reproduction is the main
    distinguishing characteristic of life. And the
    Prusiner Model is that a protein thence becomes the
    lowest form of life and makes the cell and DNA as
    excess baggage. And if that were true, then we
    should see in the world around us not just a few
    protein molecules that have a Prusiner-behaviour
    but many molecules that have a Prusiner method of

    On those two ground above convinced me that the
    Prusiner Model was a fake and that it is only a matter
    of time before the true mechanism of how Prion disease
    and how Parkinsons and Alzheimers work.

    Also I need to note that I suspect that Prion,
    Parkinsons and Alzheimers are different but that they
    are very much alike in several similarities. So that a
    mechanism of how each works may have a family
    resemblance. Such that if metal-ions plays a key role
    in Prion disease it is likely that metal-ions plays a
    role in Parkinsons and Alzheimers and likewise for the
    scissors mechanism in Alzheimers probably has a
    scissors mechanism to be found in Parkinsons (perhaps
    even Huntington) and Prion.

    I believe these 3 diseases are related and have family
    resemblances more than they are dissimilar.

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