Some cyclists don't get it! average speed

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
I was chatting with a friend on facebook, a female friend. She rode with the group I rode with a few months ago. We are also friends on Strava so I see her rides.

I brought up a gal that was a new rider back then, that has improved a lot. I mentioned the gal had improved her average to a 15.8 on this ride across town. My best is like a 16.1 if I recall correctly, riding with the pack. So this new gal has improved a lot. From a 10 MPH on a 10 miles section of the ride to a 15.8 on the total 25 miles.

But my facebook friend said that is nothing, she's now riding with guys that are pushing her to ride harder and she's doing 17-18 on rides. OK, I see your Strava and you are doing 14 on road rides with gentle hills and 16 on longer flat rides.

I see her last flat ride with the guys was 60 miles at 13.5 average speed. Last road ride was 23 miles at 14.2.

But yet every time she mentions a ride, she says 17-18 average speed. She actually invited me on a ride with a group that does pretty much the same ride I was doing with a group. I averaged 16.1 tops on that ride. She said the new group was averaging 18+. :eek: Heck no, I wouldn't keep up and I wonder why she is riding with them as there is no way she can keep up with me.

So after the ride, I view her ride and surrounding riders on her Strava and they averaged 14-15.

But yet even after I told her their average on Strava, she still claims they do 18+ average.

I think some people are confused with what they see when they look down at their computers on the flats and downhills vs their actual average speed. Heck, even before Strava, I knew what my average speed was back then.

I can't understand why some people can not pick up on what is reality ha ha ha! :D

To be clear, when you look at Strava (or similar) the number by the little letters that say "average speed", that is your average speed. Not the number you see on your computer while rolling downhill.:p

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