Some days it pays to get out of bed.

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William Higley

I woke up to clear blue skies and 70 degree temperatures this morning. Since I'm prepping for a 200
mile ride in July (STP) I thought I would log some miles.

I'm somewhat new to recumbents. Longest ride to date has been 75 miles. I was hoping to do 80 miles
today. Well the weather was so nice, the next thing I knew I was about 45 miles from home and
loving it.

After a couple of more miles I decided my wife would probably be a little anxious about being out so
long. When I finally got home it was about 85 degrees out and I had put in about 95 miles.

The really great thing was that when I got home I was tired but I didn't hurt anywhere. This was a
far different experience than my days of preparing on the DF.

Anyone doing the STP (Seattle To Portland)?

By the way thanks for all your informative posts.

William Higley, Sr. Vision R-50


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May 24, 2003
Congrats William, I had a great day yesterday also, although I seriously sunburned my legs from the shorts line down. Ouch.

I got up in the morning and it was sunshining a very pleasent. About 60 degrees F. I just started riding and before I knew it I too was about 50 miles from home and loving it. When I got home I had completed another century (103 mi). That is two so far this year. Hopefully there will be more, but no hurries.

I did notice a strange noise while riding from my rear derailleur so this morning I put the bike up on the Park stand and checked it out. Filthy. Proceeded to thoroughly clean the chain, sprockets and chain rings. Have it drying now, but it is spic and span.

I put fenders on it on friday and hopefully that will provide me the ability to ride when the roads are wet without too much muck.

Good luck on your ride in July. I don't know if I am quite ready for a double C yet.

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