Some drunk but sincere reflexions on s.b.e. - including my posts to it.

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    We have been provided with some as good-as-you-get, whilst being incomplete, definitions of
    evolution here in sbe.

    We are not seeing much molecular evolutionary biology discussed here except mainly what is initiated
    by Hendricks. (The "histone code" is marvelously sense-making.)

    However we are getting wonderful opportunities to study human psychology here! :)

    And, to me this is fascinating.

    JM and AW are nice behold in their almost-as-capable-as-possible striving to be constructively

    Thanks guys!

    Hendricks is another guy that is more intelligent than I (in some, to me obvious, ways) - but who
    is at the same time *nicely* naive and not without some appreciation of my SEPTIC humored and
    'pooetic' efforts.

    And John Edser is another unique character - and a musician to boot! Thank you, John, for accepting
    (if not accEPTing) that to categorize amongst selective pressures might be a good thing to do; and
    for having made me happy believing that "this might be a guy who also prefers to apply Darwinian
    theoretical thinking from an individual-centric prespective, and who perceived the need to
    prioritize amongst more or less pressing needs as much as he does in respect of more or less primary

    Believe me or not, but I have tried to convince _myself_ , and only secondarily others, that I can
    describe and understand a very important but at the same time very actively ignored aspect of how we
    all (or at least most of us) are.

    I HAVE FAILED in respect of nearly all "others", and I, as it turns out, am prepared to accEPT that
    only I and nobody else have, can, or wish to experience, some rare (excEPTional;) insights into what
    is *really going on* in the sphere of the human species.

    Anyway, I might continue to post some not quite randomly thought-up responses to s.b.e. now and
    then, when I get in the mood to do so; This way it is all up to our selldom loopy benefactor and
    moderator, Josh, to make these post available to anyone who can stand having their AEVASIVEness
    analyzed. ;-)