Some Help and Opinions on a 1500AUD Road Bike choice, Thanks

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by _Adam_, Oct 15, 2004.

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    Oct 15, 2004
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    Hey all,

    Just been through the beginners guide as I'm in the market for my first actual road bike.
    Between the beginners guide and some helpful guys at the LBS i've come to a couple of decisions that i'd like to run past the pro's.

    Currently the top end of my budgets is going to be 1500AUD, the models that i've been led to and take my fancy are:

    05 avanti vivace:
    05 giant ocr 2:

    Basically this is all i've seen in the flesh, unfortunately the 3 local bike stores i visited basically had giant and avanti.
    I wanted to see some specialized and felt bikes but haven't had a chance.

    Interestingly alot of the salespeople agreed avanti offers exceptional value, both saying the brakes on the avanti were better and on saying the wheels/alloy was better on the avanti.

    From browsing online shops and through the forums the learsport brand has come up, with peoples opinions ranging frown awesome value to stay away in the forums.The gear on the learsport 8000 is a step above what's on the couple on my shopping list at the moment, so any opinions would be appreciated, almost seems to good to be true.

    So right now I'm just after options so if anybody has any good (or bad) things to say about the bikes im thinking about, or any other brands/bikes in my pricerange or any comparisions, every bit of help is appreciated.