Some people writing about the inner journey of running

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  1. Here are some other people who are looking at the inner aspects of

    Check out Luca Speciani's writings: (English version)

    You can read the thoughts, ideas and images that Danny Dreyer has put
    down in his book and DVD on ChiRunning:

    There's the book of Roger Joslin: Running the Spiritual Path: A
    Runner's Guide to Breathing, Meditating, and Exploring the Prayerful
    Dimension of the Sport

    Jerry Lynch has some good books on the inner aspects of running and
    sports. THE TAO OF FITNESS: An 8 Step Guide to Using Sports and
    Exercise As a Spiritual Practice (Cassette) His book: Running

    Also if someone googles: "zen" "running" "meditation" there are a good
    number of books and sites that talk about the inner journey of running.

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    important thing is:
    the thrill of the trails.
    sweat, that change of gears...
    soon if my leg permits. I well have done some good base bike rides too
    add to this run time....... if leg well permit it.....
    been over 2 to 3 years since that big POP................ I bike good.