Some quotes from L'Equipe

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Robert Chung

Bits and pieces from today's L'Equipe. Translation is mine.

"Armstrong chose L-B-L to introduce the bike he'll use in the TdF, a prototype of about 7.5kg and
aero design with a new derailleur. This almost backfired when he had to make an emergency call to
[Bruyneel's] car for a problem with the saddle." [This happened between the climb of La Redoute and
Sart-Tilman. Fortunately for Armstrong, this only cost him a few seconds]

"Bruyneel: 'I'm both happy and disappointed at the same time. Happy because I think Lance did the
race perfectly. Like we'd planned, he did the forcing on La Redoute, then stayed alert, then
attacked on Sart-Tilman. Unfortunately, we didn't get 100% cooperation [from Sanchez and Shefer].
Thus, I'm disappointed because I'm certain that he had the legs to win and the results don't come
up to the performance. In order to win, you absolutely have to be strong, but also have things go
your way.'

"Last night, Armstrong had already left for Toulouse, where today he is scouting the final ITT
between Gaillac and Cap Decouverte. "On to business!" said Armstrong. "The show must go on." Then he
will return to his home in Girona, where his wife and three children are waiting for him. Relations
between the couple seem to have returned to normal."
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