"Some were from the loa loa family"

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    Date: 1999/06/09
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    >JDrew63929 wrote:
    >> >> Naaw...........I am a little slow, delusional and
    >> >> crazy. Sure wish I was
    >> >> smart as you.
    >> >
    >> >Sure wish you'd refrain from posting crap like that.
    >> Your opinion, some others don't think it is crap. Want to
    >> read my e-mail?
    >What? The personal attacks?

    No, people wanting to know more about parasites, kidney
    cleanse etc.
    > >That would depend on the experience. Also the
    > >interpretation of an
    >> >experience.
    >> I have no problem interpreting my experiences, as stated
    >> in my last post.
    >Again, exactly what kind of parasites were these? How were
    >they identified?

    Some were from the loa loa family, some were pinworms,
    tapeworms, ascaris, entamoeba histolytica, achorion
    schoenlenini. From a comprehensive digestive stool analysis
    & comprehensive parasitology X 1 purge. Great smoky
    Diagnostic Lab.

    >Anecdotes are important clues to the cause of an
    >effect. But in
    much of
    >> >stuff you've talked about your conclusions are likely
    >> >wrong. I base that
    >> >on the history of people who have had similar
    >> >experiences and the current

    >> >theories of biology and physics. I might be wrong. But
    >> >the likelihood
    that you're
    >> >wrong far better fits the facts.

    No, it far better firs your accusations.

    > Everytime someone has an experience, you want them to have
    > it proved and
    >> documented! Such nonsense. Others' want to share
    >> experiences and compare
    >> I had headaches for 15 years, they are finally gone. I
    >> have had many people
    >> me how I got rid of them. Not one of them ask for
    >> proof!!!
    >If you said that you got rid of them by poking yourself in
    >the eye with a knitting needle, they would ask for proof.
    >Great claims demand great evidence.

    Yea, sure, they knew I had been a patient of Diamond
    Headache Clinic for 15 years. They would be sure the cure
    was with a knitting needle!! Get Real!

    It is real easy to decide what works and what doesn't, if
    you have never
    >> >any experience yourself. If you want the facts, talk to
    >> >those who have
    >> >there and done that. They have first hand
    >> >experience........not guesses.
    >> >
    >> >They also may have misinterpreted their experiences
    >> Bull hocky, just another way for you to argue.
    >It's a fact that people regularly misinterpret personal
    >> In fact there is ample
    >> >evidence that this happens a great deal
    >> Show us all that ample evidence.
    >It's already been posted here several times. Delusional

    LOL! That is something that you and AF choose to believe. I
    guess you have never researched the parasite problem , and
    what percentage of people have them, NO not in 3rd world
    countries, right here in the good ole USA. If you choose to
    stay in the dark,,,be my guest.

    Your claims are, frankly, impossible

    Wrong again.

    >unless some of the basic laws of physics, chemistry and
    >biology are

    I'm not sure you understand them.

    Maybe you should check that out, you would like for us to
    believe you are
    >> expert on all health subjects.
    >Not only have I "check(ed) that out", the information has
    >been posted for you several times. hd

    Yes, Mr Dog, we should bow down and believe whatever you
    have "checked out" and posted. No thank you.




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