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Oct 2, 2002
Has anyone ridden a SOMEC road bike. I am considering purchasing a FOCO steel frame.
I have never heard of that brand, but in my opinion...<br /><br />I would tell them to take Somecit, and Focoff!<br /><br />...such Rude names, I mean reeeally!
I've seen a few Somecs. They are Italian with beautiful paint jobs. I don't know about the quality, but hey, it's Italian. Have a look at
I have a 2001 SOMEC FusionY. Great bike, great ride, perfect finish work on all the welds. I enjoy it! It was a custom fit from the factory and was free since I built their website along with Gary DeVoss. These are highly recommended frames. Another great one for the price is VINER. Check out ...