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  1. Especially those who are not too incoveniently located or those who have ample funds for travel...

    Just like some people buy auto magazines and ogle the cars they think it would be cool to drive and
    nice to show off, many runners read about races they don´t really intend to run, but cannot help
    becoming fascinated by the idea of "maybe, some day".

    A Finnish version of "Runner´s World" is being launched here and free copies were available on
    Sunday; being a known cheapskate and a hoarder of any gratis goodies I picked up one. As I read
    about the Swedish race "Dunder Dygnet", I got hotter and hotter...

    The event takes place in northern Sweden in what you´d call Lapland around Gällivare and the fjell
    Dundret on June 4th-5th. The name can be translated as the "Roaring/ Booming Day/24hrs", where the
    day is really a day, a nightless - the midnight sun, remember? - night and the following day. (in Swedish)

    The race consists of five legs:

    Leden start at 11.00, 16.7km on a rocky path in forests and the Way on hills; time divided by 4.

    Gruvan start at 18.00, 3.9km in a disused mine 600m under the Pit ground, helmet obligatory; time

    Midnattssolen, start at 24.00, 10.8km on the rocky hill paths; the Midnight Sun time divided by 2.

    Gatan start at 12.00, 256m up and down the town street; the Street time multiplied by 16.

    Fjellen start at 17.00 in intervals according to each runner´s the Fjell total calculated time,
    2.5km up the steep fjell, the first one on top is the winner of the "Dunder Dygnet".

    This year´s winner had the following (absolute) times:

    Leden 1.03.18 Gruvan 13.30 Midnattssolen 0.36.46 Gatan 0.35,6 Fjellen 15.11

    The times down the result list are much more attainable:)

    Only 7/130 male and 3/43 female participants DNFd.

    BTW is this event as unique in its kind as I think it is?


  2. If you're addressing tough dudes, you can move along. You'll find none of those here.
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