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Mar 2, 2011
Hi Ladies. My name is Tammy....I'm just navigating my way around the forums...this looks like a great site ! (I saw an introductions post, but the last reply said something of the nature of "useless posting" so I hope its okay that I created my own thread here...??

I'm not COMPLETELY new to cycling, but I am just now starting to get more serious about it...and honestly am finding it a little overwhelming, so please be understanding if I ask questions that may sound stupid to you more experienced riders...

I'm 36....for the last several years I've been riding for pleasure, and also for weight loss...I have three children with severe Autism and Fragile-X Syndrome who just don't get bike riding at all...So I've toted them around in trailers and extra seats attached to my bike...Each year they get grows out of the seat and gets moved to the trailer and one gets pushed out of the trailer and put into some new contraption I've come up with....Well all three are now too big for anything...I darn near gave up on my passion for cycling...but I've decided to hire someone to watch my children now so I can still get out to now I'm stepping it up a whole lot....until now I've toted more than 150 pounds of solid weight behind me....

Before I come to current status, I also want to tell you....With my weight loss (113 pounds lost through riding and weight lifting) I decided I was in love with fitness and went back to college when my kids were able to be in full-time programming....In 2 short months I will graduate as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor...Two weeks ago I got my indoor cycle coaching certification that allows me teach spin classes, Level 2 of that program which I hope to attain next month will allow me to work with cyclists during the off-season.

So I went out and bought a Specialized Road bike...I even got proper biking shoes and pedals....professionally fit for the bike...and in September of this year I will be doing my first century ride....or at least I hope so...I'm awaiting the website to go up to register for it which should happen in the next couple of days's the Hastings Highlands Hilly Hundred, in Ontario Canada.

I'm here hoping to learn from you ladies as much as I can....

one question I have already is about arm you use them? what are they really for ?


Jan 10, 2010
They are for cool whether days. Specifically, days where you may start your ride early in the morning when it is cool out, but as the day progresses and it gets warmer, you can take the arm warmers off and ride with short sleeves.

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