Somewhat OT: Spinning in the Gym as useful training (not?)

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COuld'nt help notice in the >40 thread a few reccomended spin class in the off season. I've only
taken one or two and to be quite honest with you the thing I like most about them is staring at a
buff 22 year old blonde for 40 minutes. Her cadance is amazing, probably 120 cruising and 140+ in
the sprints, she'll coax everone out of the saddle for a few minutes to 'climb a hill'.

I spin 80-90 and I believe that is the norm, sprinting to 110-120. I can't even stand up on one of
those infernal spin cycles (dispite having owned clipless since the original looks). Furthermore it
is my experience that by the time you are standing to climb a hill, you are toast in! Riding in the
saddle is more efficient. I do have a friend who I MTB with occasionally who is a spin instructor. I
would classify her as a weak B level recreational rider, so how is it that spin class helps keep you
in shape (any more then any other fitness training)?

P.S. I'd rather ride in a 35 degree rain then be inside a gym, so I'm not exactly objective here.
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