Sore Bum and other parts after riding



Um iv got i delicate question to ask. I find when i go on say trips of 200k+ my bottom and other parts down there no longer have skin on them i think that the chamios grinds the skin off as i am sore for about 2 days and have 1 huge scabe on by buttocks etc. 1 block told me recently he uses a cream to readuce chamios friction. any advice on this ?whats it called etc. :-/
hi nicholas, well done for riding those distances, I can only dream about that distance!
But to add my thoughts to your post. Are you using genuine chamois? Most modern nix are synthetic, in past years genuine chamois was best softened before use with 'softeners'. But synthetic chamois doesn't require this. BUT I have heard that even now some distance riders are using 'personal lubricant' ie KY jelly to reduce saddle friction. Hey! don't laugh, it would be heaps better than vasoline- because vaso' will shorten the life of your chamois, plus not work as good as KY or other such cream.
Plus if you only ride those distances infrequently then your butt needs time to harden.
Even experienced riders get sore after a layoff or even if its a day when we sweat more than usual problems can happen.
regards, sillystorm
Thanks silly storm. Where can i get Kj Jelly? from the bike shop or a chemist? Hey i dont laugh at any thing if itll stop my bum looking like a ripe tomato ;D ;D ;D :p

Any way when i go to the bike shop ill ask for a chamious cream. Also my chamious is synthetic i think but it gets sore after 120k or so.
It could be your seat and not your shorts thats causing the problem.
What sort do you have??

Yeh mate i originaly thought it might be the seat too :-/so i got a new one. But the Problem is still there :eek:. My seat is now is a Selle Italia Tri Matic 2 with genunine gell. It looks cool 8)but i still have the problem ???. Also this seat is good as its rails absorb a bit of shock like a shocky. ;D
hi Nicholas, you can buy that ky cream or another similar brand in your local supermarket, it is near the band aids, aspirin etc. Plus if it doesn't work you can always use it for other things ;)
I think if your just new to those distances then it will be a matter of time to adjust.
But even after a layoff I still get a sore butt.
regards, sillystorm
All the replies are right. Another thing: is your bike setup correct? You might be leaning too far forward or sitting too far back on the seat. Any other muscle pains apart from your butt? Also, many people make the mistake of buying a seat thats too soft, in the hope of a softer ride. This isn't good. For those distances a firmer seat is better. If your bike setup is correct, then the only thing thats really going to solve your problem is a good seat (which you already have) and frequent long distance riding.
Get on that bike, mate! ;D
Vo2 it cant be the bike setup as i have fiddled heaps of times to get it right, also i dont have sore muscles. What happens it all the skin on my bottom + pivates is ground of so i have raw flesh and it hurts.

Any Way i have bought some chamious cream from the bike shop its called 'Relief' so ill so if it releives me on my next ride which will be 240k in a week or so.

Allso this is my seat
240km would give most people a sore ****....... I doubt its your seat causing problems as the one you have is quite good
Yah im soooooo hapy :) i when on a 160k ride this saturday (goh i was not fit :( as i havent done any real training for a week) any way the ride was good and guess what no more PAIN ,sore bottom or private parts. this is what i did

1. Put on that chamios cream (softens up the chamios and reduces chamios friction.

2. Put Vaseline on my bottom and privates.

this worked great though if i was doing a longer ride another application of vaseline would be needed. this is no problem :)
i can now get rid of that saying "no pain, no gain"
Good to hear things worked out ;D
But i cant help wondering what your riding friends would think if they saw you going into the bushes with a jar of vaseline and ummmm *cough cough* 50km to go! jk

If we'd been off the bike for a time, (injury etc) we would use surgical spirit (meths) to harden the skin again. :'(

If there are new bike riders reading this then obviously don't wear underpants under your cycling shorts. :-[ Defeats the object of the chamois!
Guys, I asked the ladies in the office where I can find KY Jelly, and they recommend not to go to the bicycle shop but to the chemist. And please asked quietly, to avoid red faces like (the red tomato bum). It seem the ladies know more about this, as what men do know. ;D ;D ;D ;D I'm going to try it again, but not on my bum ;D ;D ;D ;D and report back tommorow
Don't laugh, but I learnt this from my brother in law. He is actually a runner that has done the Comrades Marathon. He injured himself and lent my old racer and now does some races to keep fit. He said he uses Dubbin (yes the type you use on leather, etc. ::)) He told me that is does not rub off as easily as Vaseline and works the same. I used it recently when I did a 10 km run and tested it for the fun during a 45km funride. It works great! Maybe try it, juts clean your chamois after using the dubbin, it does mess around with the chamois a bit :( but it does protect the private parts well. And remember DON'T LAUGH :mad:

;D ;D ;D
I'm worried that it will start intefering with my Argus training. so I will stick to the "normal" and only try new things after the ride. Every PRO will tell you, DON'T try new things before a race.
:'( :'( :'( Alright now I don't have quite the redness and tomato look, but, I did 2 X 160Km rides last weekend. On Monday, I went to ride to work (18Km each way) which I do everyday. I was practically standing on the pedals the whole way. Agony. I haven't sat on a bike now in 5 days in a vain attempt to get rid of this pimple (about 1cm long) just to the left of the centre on the crotch. The soreness is a pinching kind when I sit on the saddle.
I have tried Hydrocortisone cream (off the shelf stuff) for the past month (the problem has been there a while but hit a new peak last weekend). The hydrocortisone relieves any itching but doesn't get rid of the pimple. I have tried antibacterial cream specifically for pimple for the last 4 days (active ingredients: Potassium hydroxyquinoline sulphate BPC 0.2% w/w chlorocresol BP 0.2%). Sorry for the clinical details, but I might as well be specific.
To get to the point - I can't get rid of this damn thing.... any ideas on what it is???? Help.
PS - My local doctor is a chick.... I'd rather see if I can sort this one out before I rush to her for *treatment****!
Also - be sure to give me feedback on how you got on...
Collumbo. I had a small pimple type problem for about a week at the beginning of the month. Pharmacy recommended something costing about R120 a tube! :eek: So I used Germolene instead and eventually it went away.
Sorry, all I can offer is sympathy!. These things are hell! :'(
I suggest you stay off the bike until this thing has healed. The continued chafing and sweat from bike riding will only continue to aggrivate the little pest. Whenever one of these show up on my body, I use a product called 'Eskamel', available off the shelf at pharmacies. It has antiseptic, keratolytic (a substance that acts to unclog pores) and exfoliative properties. Usually two to three days and the pimple is history.
Remember to dry the area well after showering/bathing. Dampness in that area becomes a nice breeding ground for all sorts of nasties.
2-3 days with Eskamel??!!!! Dash. I'm running to the Chemist.
Thanks - I'll let you know how I get on.
BTW - most of you guys are in Oz right?