Sorry but go pro mounts suck! cheap ebay is better

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
Last night video clip testing...Way better than the Go Pro mount. I'm sorry but Go Pro action camera mounts suck! I bought a new mount and only 2 out of 10 were viewable The mounts vibrate so much that you can't even get close to a clean shot. So last night, I took a cheap Chinese aluminum mount I bought 10 years ago for $10 for a test ride. I strapped it on with velcro and it worked way better than the Go Pro plastic overpriced junk of a mount I used on the smooth bike trail over the weekend. This cheap Chinese mount worked way better at night and rough road that is always traveled by big rigs. I ordered some more cheap Chinese aluminum mounts on ebay for 1/3 of the price of the Go Pro mount. Can't wait for them to arrive cause they work way better than the Go Pro overpriced junk! I guess if I wanted to mount the Go Pro mount on a pole and record the grass growing, it may work. But on a bicycle? Total junk!

I think I may have gone a little crazy with the aluminum mount accessories. But darn, got my first shipment and was so impressed with the alum screws and wrench, that I replaced almost all my cheap plastic go pro junk with aluminum mounts.

Amazingly, I paid $59 about 6 years ago for a K Edge aluminum handlebar mount. Now I find this stuff on ebay, 2 for $10. Heck, I repeated a few orders after finding out how much more solid the aluminum parts are. Sweet stuff from one store, fine machining and great parts. For far less than the original GP accessories.

Think I have plenty of stuff to occupy my mind for a bit. Just installed the Charge Spoon saddle and going to ride it tonight. Hopefully it is as nice as the hundreds of positive reviews over the internet.

I will say amazon sucks. Misleading you into 5 day delivery and actually taking a month. I ordered those parts first and still waiting. The ebay stuff guarantees their delivery dates and looking for specific dealers, they offer free and fast shipping. 4 days from ebay free shipping vs a month of amazon? No brainer!