Sorry I Was Away For A Couple Days.....

Tony Lombardi said:
well i've never......
Glad that you're back, how was your birthday party? :D Hope that you had fun, and late happy birthday from me. :p
I miss all his buds too....except for that cityhunter5555, that is. Freakin' **** apologist he was!
I know, right!

It'd be like hanging out on a hunting forum when you've never shot a gun.

Or posting in a sex forum when you haven't had a piece of tail in a couple of years.

Or a fishing forum when you haven't held a fishing rod since 1987.

Good to hear from you again!

Whatcha been up to? Makin' America great again? Trump's been freakin' awesome, eh? If only the freaking *** liberals would let him get on with the program!
Hope you had fun. I remember some of my fellow forum friends being busy. Everyone wondered where he went. It turns out, he just had to attend to life outside the forums. Go figure.