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This site warn motorist where speedtraps are, this site also "promote" speeding on our roads and try and discredited traffic afficials when fines are dished out. They also informs people how to get "out" of a traffic fine. :'( :'( :'(This site is not what cyclist hoped for, as we should now be aware of the fact that their is a official site promote "speeding" and the bad is that a lot of the motorist/viewers agree. I hope you all go to this site and post your concerns as well.
Pothole - I have to disagree with you there. Speed trapping in SA is done to increase the coffers of the police dept not increase road safety. If proactive speed trapping was introduced in areas identified as accident hot spots I'd flame the site too but right now it's a case of the police trying to take our money and us trying to stop them. It's not a safety issue.

Also - speed doesn't kill - drivers without licenses, unroadworthy vehicles, road rage, poor road maintenance kills many more people than speeding
Eldron - Lets first agree. that we will disagree ;D ;D. If everyone is aware of were the cameras or speedtraps are "planted", we will all reduce speed only till we pass the camera. The speedcops are their to enforce a law and most of the times to our "expense". I'm not sure that speedcops are paid commision. but I would like them to setup more traps on roads and specially where we use our bicycles to practice and do what we love to do. Even if that means that they "fill up their coffers". I'll feel safer when I dont hear that "F1 GrandPrix" sound from the back and the wind chucking me sideways after they pass.
Hey Pothole - quick response!

In the UK they have painted the cameras bright orange so people can see them - they work on the 'if people see a camera they slow down' principle. They put loads of cameras in areas they identify as accident hot spots.

There are little or no cameras on motorways because only a small portion of accidents occur on the motorways.

The system seems to work - although even here we have seen a few fatal cycling accidents. None of them are speed related though - the recent ones I remember are a woman who was hit on the back of the head by a truck's wing mirror and a man that was hit by a stolen car that was on the wrong side of the road.

It's got to do with the morals and ethics of humans rather than speeding - I slow down where I see cyclists but there is no way you can put up enough cameras to stop an asshole hitting a cyclist.

I put down a$$hole and cyclingforums changed it to 'not so nice'. Guys - you're going to kill my street cred - I can't be seen in public saying things like 'not so nice' - people will start thinking I'ma 12 year old girl :eek:
Pothole, yes maybe I do agree with you on some statements, but not all. If you live in Alberton you'll know that the cops will try ANYTHING to try and trap you, e.g.

1) They hide between the LONG grass, under a bridge to try to catch people traveling on a low risk highway (motorway).
135 - R500
2) When boards are put up for roadworks, traps are set behind the boards. I do agree that this is good when people are working there, but the workers were not there at 05:30 the morning.
100 - R750
3) My wife came home at 02:30 on a Tuesday night (she was on standby at the hospital) and she skipped a red robot in a very dark area where hijackings do occur. The cops tried to stop her, but she drove straight to the SAPS (late @ night, dark, woman alone). The traffic cop then gave her the following fines: (1) R500 for skipping the red robot (2) R750 for not stopping when he tried to pull her over (3) R500 for trying to explain the whole situation to him. We're now waiting for the court case and the SAPS people are on our side.
4) My wife is not a cyclist but she does go on a "house" ride with me every now and then (ride around and look at houses ;)). On one such morning a white Toyota Corolla tried to run her over (the oke went straight for her and if it wasn't for her mountain going onto the pavement, let your mind go - bike, car @75km). 2 mornings later I was with some okes and the same happened to a bunch in front of us. The okes I rode with told me that the person driving the car is known for doing that. I promptly called the cops and the response was short and BITTER. Call us when he has hit someone, you're wasting our time.

All of these stories have happened to me and my wife within the last 2.5 years. This should prove to you that the cops are out for a quick buck.
Having had to deal with constantly speeding drivers on roads on a daily basis ever since I came to the Gold Coast, the only thing I can say is that there should be more speed cameras and the fines for speeding should be increased to $1,000. Believe it or not, there is a very simple and very straightforward way to avoid speeding fines, and it has nothing to do with being told where the cameras are, hiding from the cops or any of that stuff. It's called: driving within the speed limit.

After all, speed limits are there for a reason.
Fekn L!...<br /><br />Gawd Damnit!<br /><br />Another ticket...<br /><br />Must remember to put brakes on my steed next week...