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    Riding partner/s sought.

    20 yr old experienced rider, proficient in Trials, Dh, and XC.

    I live in the Sandton area and prefer to ride technical areas, and in "town" areas practicing Trials, etc.

    If you are interested in joining myself, and a friend in riding an exciting area, practicing your skills, and having a good time, reply to this post...

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    I would definately like some pointers on trials riding. My bike control skills are pathetic. All I can muster is a bit of an endo, a pathetic 5cm wheelie and a couple of insignificant bunnyhops.

    I am predominantly a roadie but do ride XC quite often. (Usually chasing far more experienced guys and providing endless entertainment for them as I always fall off) ;D
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    Midrand, but will ride anywhere
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    Kewl, I am very near to there...

    E-mail me so we can set up a ride or sumfin.

    [email protected]